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The purpose for the collection of my information is:

  • To perform background checks, reference checks and credit checks to assess if I am the best applicant on merit
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  • To check the Ministry of Justice fines database
  • For debt collection purposes
  • To check the Personal Properties Securities Register
  • To verify my passport details
  • To check and update any credit bureau

* The information provided on this form and any information found through the background check, reference check and credit checking process may be passed on to an agent and entered into third party databases, including any credit reporting databases. Subscribers to the databases will have access to my information and use that information for the purpose of credit reporting or for any other lawful purpose including debt collection.

* I confirm the information in this form is true and correct and that I have read and signed the Cautions under the Privacy Act 1993.

* I agree that if I enter a tenancy agreement then this application will form part of the tenancy agreement. I agree to pay a letting fee before the start of any tenancy.

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